Abbotsford Climbing

Abbotsford Rock Climbing

Abbotsford, BC, has a limited supply of rock. The main areas for climbing are on Sumas mountain. There are a couple of boulders on the back side (facing mission). These were developed years ago and most likely are completely over grown. The Sumas bluffs are a fantastic spot to top rope. The bluffs were once bolted but have had a couple rough spells with chopping and theft.

There has been some interest in the sand stone on the south side of Sumas mountain. There could be potential for some really good sandstone bouldering. The Lefebrev Rd. Boulder is also another small spot for bouldering.  There is a giant boulder off the road south of 8th. Not much is know of the problems, or of development. There is potential for some nice high balls on the south side of the boulder.

For indoor climbing and bouldering Project Climbing Centre is the destination. Project is a huge gym, that has amazing bouldering and route climbing.